About Us

Shenzhen Utrunk Precision Co.,Ltd is a specialized in metal stamping processing and manufacturing enterprises, main: all kinds of precision metal stamping molds, metal stamping shrapnel, auto parts, precision tensile pieces of hardware, metal clip, heat sink, CNC computer gongs processing parts, mobile power shell, etc. And to provide design and mapping services, reduce the changes in the product design, shorten the development cycle, solve the trouble back at home of mould and parts design and processing, make the product to market faster.

The company has a group of outstanding machinery, electronics, automatic control and other aspects of senior technical talent, has advanced mold design software and senior design engineers, mold manufacturing technicians, relying on professional design techniques, combined with years of experience in the production practice, on the basis of excellent quality, guided by market demand, and close cooperation with several research institutions at home and abroad, the high and new technology to real-time application in the products of the company, the company advanced production technology, perfect management system, the reliable quality control system and the serious, fast and perfect service attitude, is deep the domestic and international customer recognition and support.

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